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A Socially Invested Property Management Company Dedicated To The Socioeconomic Advancement Of Women And Their Families.


NEW Capital, LLC began operations in 1998. The property management company was formed to fill a void in the industry’s response to hardships faced by families living in affordable and low-income housing developments.

NEW Capital, LLC was created to provide a different kind of high-touch property management service. 100% of NEW Capital's profits are reinvested back into the social equity programs and services. We honor NEW Economics for Women and other community service providers for the services and support they provide to our communities. Through this partnership and our unique asset building partnerships, NEW Capital helps to increase tenants’ financial stability and decrease property owners’ risk and revenue loss due to vacancies. After nearly 25 years, we remain true to that mission today.

About Us

As bilingual property managers, we engage and empower residents with opportunities for self-advancement and a pathway based on their economic goals.


NEW Capital’s Housing Management Plus™ program goes above and beyond property management, connecting residents with the critical services they need to get ahead.

Tenants have free access to customer-focused, age-appropriate programs for the entire family. All residents are encouraged to participate in after-school enrichment programs, supportive and financial services referrals, and workshops on family cohesion and parenting, technology, financial asset-building, and homeownership.

Every level of management, from our CEO to the building superintendent, is dedicated to ensuring the success and opportunities for the upward mobility of our tenants.


NEW Capital’s level of diligence in attracting and signing the right tenants and our process of evaluating resident communities and providing customized services for every building reduces the risk to property owners and protects their investments.


These asset-building services stabilize occupancy and maintain excellent compliance. We are experts in federal, state, and local regulatory compliance and specialize in tax credit properties.

Our Leadership

All of NEW Capital’s founding members formerly held positions within NEW Economics for Women. Their uniting mission to help low-income families grow out of poverty drives the company’s social mission, while their proven business savvy ensures the organization's continual growth.




Bea is an accomplished businesswoman, social entrepreneur, visionary leader, and pioneer in the economic development/asset building field. As the CEO of New Capital LLC, she manages multi-million dollar portfolios of affordable housing, business, and economic development. 


Director of Property Management & Compliance


With over ten years of experience, Esmeralda handles all compliance documents, files, and legal matters daily. She is a certified TCAC Analyst, Compliance Analyst, Section 8 Analyst, and a Yardi Property Management System expert.


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